ZENworks 10 Configuration Management - Public Beta

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Last friday Novell released the public beta for Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management. ZENworks Configuration Management, also known as 'Pulsar', is one of the resulting products coming out of the 'next generation of ZENworks'. ZENworks Configuration Management is cross platform and based on a new web services based architecture. Management is now done from within a new web interface, the 'ZENworks Control Center'. The core of this architecture has already been released inZENworks 7 Linux Management. ZENworks Configuration Management has native support for Active Directory and delivers all features to deploy and manage Windows Vista: OS deployment, Personality Migration, Software Distribution, Policy Management, Remote Control and Management, Inventory and Reporting. When it comes to application management, ZCM only supports the MSI/Windows Installer packaging format.

This Public Beta is now ready for download and testing. Please use Firefox to download, because of issues with Internet Explorer. Documentation can be found here. Please install this in a test environment only. MSIwisdom will feature several articles about Pulsar in the next upcoming weeks.