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The latest version of Macromedia Shockwave is, released in november 2004. At the "Shockwave Player Download Center " you can find a legacy setup by default. But, and this isn't mentioned at all at the download page, if you apply for a 'Macromedia Shockwave Player Distribution License' you can get a Windows Installer package instead.

Visit the "Macromedia Player Licensing" page", read the license carefully and then select 'License Shockwave Player only ' in the lower part of the screen. Create a Macromedia membership if you don't have one (don't be scared ... it's free) by entering an e-mail address. Then after entering your 'Account Details' and some other information click 'Continue' to go to the next page. Underneath 'Exhibit B Information' select your Operating System, the number of end-users and your distribution method which is of course ZENworks.


Click 'Submit' and you will end up in the last screen in which you will find a download link for a Windows Installer package of 'Shockwave'.


Deployment is easy. You don't have to make a (Response) Transform file if you use Internet Explorer only. Just make a MSI based 'Install-only' Application Object and deploy it to your desktops. If you need integration with Firefox then make a Transform file and add 'NPSWF32.dll' ("Shockwave Flash") and 'np32dsw.dll' ("Macromedia Shockwave for Directoru Netscape") to your Firefox plugins directory: "c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins". These files can be copied from a desktop where you use the legacy setup of Shockwave.